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At Premier Lend Partner, we provide personalized wholesale loans to businesses nationwide.

What Is Wholesale Financing?

Wholesale finance is a loan provided to a business that is engaged in the wholesaling of products to other businesses. It allows a business the opportunity to build up inventory for sale, account for sudden changes in demand, and be ready to take advantage of growth opportunities when they arise. This means that they will have the inventory available for retailers when it’s needed the most.

How Financing Works for Wholesale Businesses

Wholesale businesses need lending for a variety of purposes. Because the demand can ebb and flow, having lending to cover regular business expenses, payroll, and product acquisition is beneficial. Wholesale funding options include the ability to invest in marketing campaigns, expand operations, buy new equipment, and more.

Use Cases

How To Use a Wholesale Loan

Using a wholesale loan will depend on your business needs and the terms of the loan. While some loans are suited for buying equipment, other lines of credit will help you pay for incidentals and keep enough products on hand.


Wholesale businesses rely on having the right inventory on hand from suppliers to sell to retail stores. Wholesale financing ensures that the business can get what they need when they need it.


Expanding wholesale operations takes money. You don’t want to tie up all your cash flow into these projects. That’s where getting a wholesale finance loan can help.


You don’t need broken or outdated equipment limiting your business. Get the right equipment loan to help you repair or replace your current equipment.

Why Apply for a Wholesale Loan?

Implement the Latest Technology

From software to picking and packing tools, getting a loan to pay for wholesale technology can take your business to a new level.

Invest in Marketing

Want to connect with the right buyers? Marketing helps your wholesale business do just that. Leverage a variety of lending options designed just for wholesale companies.

Hire Talented Professionals

Getting the right staff members is worth its weight in gold. Wholesale loans give you access to funding to help you hire the right professionals for your business.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Ready to expand your wholesale business with a wholesale finance loan? Here’s what you need to get started.

Minimum Requirements

Wholesale Finance FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Retail And Wholesale Funding?

The main difference in this type of funding is whether it’s going to a business to business operation or a business to consumer operation. Wholesale businesses sell to other businesses that then sell to the end user or the consumer. Lenders look at different variables when they are determining if they should lend to a retail or wholesale business.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get Wholesale Financing?

The application for a wholesale line of credit or other type of wholesale loan can take as few as 30 minutes to complete. After that, your options should be ready to view within 3 weeks or so. Some applications are much more straightforward and will take less time to process.

Do You Offer Wholesale Financing For Small Businesses?
We offer wholesale financing to small businesses that qualify. Contact our team to learn more about the different wholesale finance options.
What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wholesale Financing?

Taking advantage of wholesale financing can allow you to expand your business operations without putting other parts of your business at risk. Not only that, but you can use different loans for payroll, buying inventory, improving cash flow and more.

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