Manufacturing Financing & Loans for Business

In need of a manufacturing loan? We’ve provided capital to all types of manufacturing businesses.

What is Manufacturing Financing?

Manufacturing financing is loan products geared toward factories and other manufacturing businesses. These loans help businesses manage the inconsistent cash flow cycles that arise from operating a manufacturing company. They pay for labor costs, materials, equipment, and more. They allow for companies to expand operations without limiting cash flow, and pay for things like new manufacturing equipment and normal operational expenses.

How Manufacturing Loans Work

There are different manufacturing business loans available to companies depending on their needs and specific qualifying factors. Businesses can look for SBA loans, lines of credit, collateral-backed loans, and different equipment loan opportunities. A factory loan used to lease a building might be different than a line of credit used to pay employees their wages. Businesses can even use these loans to finance raw materials that they will turn into products.

Use Cases

How To Use a Manufacturing Loan

Once lending is approved, manufacturing loans are used to help run a business. Whether a company needs more inventory or they need to expand to a new building, these loans are designed to help.


Keeping enough supplies on hand to make products is one of the best benefits of manufacturer financing. You’ll be able to keep a steady supply of your products leaving your facility.


Growth is good, but can be painful. Use factory loans to help you get the space you need to expand your operations.


No one wants to be short-changed when payroll comes around. Make sure you always have enough to pay your staff when you use a manufacturers financing service.

Why Apply for a Manufacturing Loan?

Pay for Technology Upgrades

New technology helps you do more in the same amount of time and manufacturing financing can give you the resources you need to make these important upgrades.

Invest in Marketing

Marketing can help you flex seasonally or reach new markets with your products. Get the right financing to help.

Hire Skilled Professionals and Additional Employees

Put the best team in place all year long. You’ll be able to hire professionals who can help keep your business running smoothly.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

To get a manufacturing loan with Premier Lend Partner, you’ll need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements below.

Minimum Requirements

Manufacturing Financing FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Manufacturing Plant?
Depending on what you’re going to manufacture, starting up a plant can cost as low as $8,000, but the average cost to start a new manufacturing plant is closer to $35,000.


How Do I Get a Loan For a Manufacturing Company?

Apply today to see if you qualify for a loan for your manufacturing company. The process takes around 30 minutes to apply and it may take up to a few weeks to hear back to see if you qualify.

Who Should Apply For Manufacturing Financing?
Manufacturing companies that want to grow, improve their cash flow, have inventory always on hand, and run business operations more smoothly should apply for manufacturing financing.

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